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Name:Tabitha Michaels
Birthdate:Jan 13, 1991
Website:Kink Preferences
Original Character for use in [community profile] the_love_hotel and private RP. PB is AnnaSophia Robb, icons by Mun & Muse are both over 18.

Tabitha is, to put it bluntly, a spoiled brat. Her whole life she's gotten whatever she wants by any means necessary. Growing up, she was Daddy's little angel, but once the boys started paying attention to her she learned very quickly that if she was willing to play the game they would do anything and everything to please her - and she likes it that way.

At sixteen, she was caught sleeping with her biology teacher for a passing grade and sent to an all girls school and cut off from Daddy's money... which only made her change the game. By the time she made it to college she was working anyone she could find with a fat wallet to pay for her expensive lifestyle. Designer clothes, a hot car and long days at the beach don't pay for themselves.

She looks younger than she is, her wide eyes and innocent smile are a tool to charm those that pique her interest. Deep down, though she'd never admit it, she wants out - to settle down and get a job and maybe even fall in love.

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Currently seeking most actively: Older men with power and money who know how to treat a Princess.

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